Episode 2.9 - White Out! (Part III)

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Episode 2.9 - White Out! (Part III)

Post  Ry3 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:00 pm

The Neo-Megazord takes on the Neo-Tigerzord as Tommy Jr is helpless looking on, unable to help his friends, since he no longer has the Neo-Dragonzord to command. The fight is fierce and it looks both Zords were going to be destroyed, but Tommy Jr uses the Neo-Dragon Dagger with Zordon's help to resurrect his lost Zord, the Neo-Dragonzord returns better then ever and breaks up the battle. Tommy Jr orders the Rangers to stand down and tells them, if the White Ranger wants him, he has to deal with the Neo-Dragonzord first. The Neo-White Ranger happily takes on the Neo-Dragonzord, the two clash with Neo-Dragonzord coming out as the victor after a lengthy and tough return battle, after combining forces with its master.


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