Episode 1.1 : A Destiny of Light

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Episode 1.1 : A Destiny of Light

Post  Jake2 on Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:46 am

3036, and its been 6 years since the past Serena and Darion have beat Queen Galaxia, and saved the souls of all the other scouts, and the world, and the princess of the starlights. Now crowned future queen serenity, and maried to the man she loves more than anything. Rini is grown into a beautiful young princess, but now, a new young hero has come to be. in 3020, Queen Serenity and King Darion have had their second child, a young boy named Sebastian. Bastian for short, and not only that, but each of the planet princesses have had their own children, and all are now part of young bastian's court.

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