Titus Winchester

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Titus Winchester

Post  Jake2 on Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:27 pm

Titus Samuel Winchester
Age 20
Eyes: Hazel Blue
Hair: Short light brown
PB Chase Mattson

Titus is Sam's son, a true miracle indeed.  Titus was actually the son of Meg and Sam after Sam turned Meg good with his ritual, but prior to Meg and the others going off to fight Crowley, Castiel as a God removed the baby and had it implanted somewhere else, knowing that Meg was going to die.  With Sam having enough pain in his life, he didn't want to cause Sam to do something he would regret.  Castiel visited the woman, named Ruth, a young, simple farm woman who was barren and couldn't conceive children of her own, that she would be having a baby.  With her last name already being Winchester, but no relation to the boys, she was told her only must do, was to name the boy Titus, and know that someday his father would come looking, and when he does, to let him go, she is only the baby's guardian til then.  She agreed and the birth happened.  13 years later, Sam was told by Castiel where his son was, and that he survived, and was reunited with his son.

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