Scott, Jayson Jr

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Scott, Jayson Jr

Post  Ry3 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:01 pm

Character Name: Jayson Scott Jr
Character Age: 16
Character Hometown: Angel Grove
Character Sexuality: Bisexual
Character Family: Jason Lee Scott (Father), Emily Scott (Mother)

Character Power Coin: Tyrannosaurus
Character Ranger Colour: Red
Character Weapon(s): Power Sword (Pre-Upgrade) / Neo-Power Sword (Post-Upgrade), Blade Blaster

Character Zord(s): Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (Pre-Upgrade) / Neo-Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (Post-Upgrade)

Character Actor/Actress: Colton Haynes
Character Role: Protagonist (2nd Male Lead) / Series Regular

Character Summary: Jayson Scott Jr is the only son of Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger and Emily Scott. He is Tommy Jr's on/off best friend and fiercest rival. He is championship martial artist like his father before him. More TBW.

Additional Character Infomation: Here


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