Episode 2.6 - Evergreen

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Episode 2.6 - Evergreen

Post  Ry3 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:58 pm

With Tommy Jr's body missing and the Power Rangers and Zordon in mourning, the search for their missing friend is proving uneventful. Tommy Sr is distraught and wants his son back, so he can give him a proper burial and say his goodbyes, so they all can. Finally they find their friend in perfect health in another dimension, who has no memory of who they are, what happened or how he got here; but is surprisingly still the Neo-Green Ranger. After much convincing, they bring Tommy Jr back to their dimension, where Zordon, who is perplexed by Tommy Jr's resurrection casts a spell to restore the teenager's memories. While Tommy Sr is just happy, his son is still alive and like the other wants to know, why and how he is still alive and is determined to find out and what it means for his son's future.


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