Reynolds, Zayden Jr

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Reynolds, Zayden Jr

Post  Ry3 on Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:34 am

Character Name: Zayden "ZJ" Reynolds Jr
Character Age: 16
Character Hometown: Angel Grove
Character Sexuality: Undetermined
Character Family: Zayden Reynolds (Father) / Mother Unknown

Character Power Coin: Triceratops
Character Ranger Colour: Blue
Character Weapon(s): Power Lance & Blade Blaster

Character Zord: Triceratops / Neo-Triceratops

Character Actor/Actress: Gabriel Riccieri
Character Role: Supporting / Series Regular

Character Summary:
Zayden Sr, father to Zj, married in San Diego California, where he had a son and named him after himself, initially calling him Zj, or Zayden Jr.  Shortly after Zj was born, their mother left them, as she was too "free a spirit" to stick around and be bogged down with a kid, and left Zayden Sr. to raise the child on his own.  Zayden Sr. never remarried, and is still not married to this day.  Zayden raised his son Zj to be a strong young man, athletic and confident, and yet compassionate and smart.  He started him out in gymnastics when he was 8 years old, and martial arts up to this present day.  With two black belts in tae kwan do and judo, Zj was growing up to be a fine young man.  At the age of 16, Zayden and Zj would have to move to a city called Angel Grove, because his father's job required him to do so.  So now, Zj was ready to face a new challenge, but would he be ready for the challenges that would face him?

Additional Character Infomation (If Any):


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